Evezor Robotic Arm – Preorder


Preorder an Evezor Robotic Arm


Preorder an Evezor Robotic Arm (US Only for now)

We are beginning production and expect to finish the first batch in about 12 weeks.

This model is very similar to the Kickstarter model except for the additions of the included toolheads, the touchscreen, raspberry pi and the cameras.  These will all be made available through us if you wish to add at any time in the future.

Evezor open source robotic arm with touchscreen option and with projects
Unit shown with touchscreen option


Evezor is there for you from your first prototype to your millionth widget.

Evezor has already completed many many projects ranging from 3D pritning, to plasma cutting, make cocktails and laser engrave, draw beautiful artwork.



Mass Production – Coaster edition

Mass Production – Hole Driller

3D Printing

Robotic Bartender – Bloody Mary




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